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YP2G & PHEC conduct live webinar on Developing Can Do Attitude delivered by Mr. Neville Gaunt (Global Chairman YP2G and CEO MindFit Ltd. UK)

Lahore - October 17th, 2019: YP2G in collaboration with Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), conducted a live webinar on “Developing a Can Do Attitude" on October 17th. This one hour webinar was delivered online by Mr. Neville Gaunt, Global Chairman of YP2G and CEO MindFit Ltd. UK from London and Mr. Ali Jafri, Country Head Pakistan YP2G from Islamabad. Faculty members of numerous engineering universities under the patronage of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) attended this live interactive webinar from all over Punjab.

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Hashoo Foundation signed MoU with YP2G for enhancing Soft Skills through youth engagement program

Hashoo Foundation (HF) and Your Passport to Grow (YP2G) signed an MOU to collaborate for enhancing the Soft Skills of youth by developing a positive attitude through online courses via and bespoke online and physical workshops.

The purpose of this MOU is to jointly work to achieve the set objectives of youth empowerment as per their respective areas of expertise in skills and youth development. Collaboration between YP2G and Hashoo Foundation plan to extend their collaboration to other areas related to the socio-economic upliftment of youth. YP2G is a platform that works on changing the attitude of young people; it has been proven instrumental in inculcating the "Can Do" attitude and improve their soft skills.

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Behavioral Waste being driven out by Companies in Pakistan

Behavioral Waste is the biggest business disease that is generally being ignored by organisations, yet it continues to drag down performance and further disengages employees. However for a few organisations with the foresight of looking for solutions to improve employee engagement and productivity, this business disease is now being acknowledged and addressed. Some are already feeling the benefit within hours of attending the Masterclass.

Mr Ali Jafri, President of KnowledgeNow brought Mr Neville Gaunt, CEO of co-founder of Mind Fit (a UK based company) to Karachi as keynote speaker at the LEAD2017 summit in February. The feedback from the LEAD2017 attendees encouraged Mr Jafri to act quickly and establish a series of Masterclasses so that organisations could benefit from this new approach to leadership and business improvement. He was delighted when Mind Fit agreed to partner with KnowledgeNow and deliver their insights with the two founders of Mind Fit including the architect of the process Mr Graham Williams.

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Transforming Leadership Performance in Pakistan, an International Leadership Conference arranged by Knowledge Now and IBP

( Karachi - Pakistan) : Knowledge Now in collaboration with The Institute of Bankers Pakistan held an International Leadership Excellence and Development Conference event in Karachi. . The event attracted a large number of senior executives from the corporate sector , particularly from the banking sector of Pakistan, whereby the occasion was graced by high level participation from even Presidents of some of the mainstream banks.

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The world’s most revolutionary leadership development programme returns to Pakistan.

(March 31st, 2017 - Islamabad ) : Following the excitement raised at the LEAD2017 Summit held in Karachi in February 2017, we’re delighted that Mr Neville Gaunt CEO of Mind Fit is returning to Pakistan to deliver several Masterclasses for some of the best known institutes and organisations in Pakistan.

We’re also excited that the architect of the Mind Fit Process, Mr Graham Williams, will be joining him to demonstrate that growth and innovation can be accelerated by eliminating the business disease, they call Behavioral Waste™. This new form of leadership development programme, developing Reality-Driven Leaders, is guaranteed to work no matter what your industry or business sector and that is a compelling offer in itself.

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