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Core Values

The core values are our pillar that strengthen our organizational culture, brand identity and operational strategy. It defines the characteristic traits of each and every individual team member and collectively of our firm as a whole and it acts as a guide for us defining our interaction with the clients and our decision making. Our corporate strategy is based on the following core values:


Integrity is at the heart of our knowledge based consulting practice. We are honest, fair, consistent, accountable, open and transparent in our dealings with each other and are committed to building trust and mutual respect.



We believe that its only radical innovation and modern technology that can give us a quantum leap and allow us to leave behind our competition. Through our research based strategy consulting framework we strive to identify the most critical needs of our clients in this rapidly changing world and through creativity and innovation we challenge ourselves to provide affordable solutions.



We believe excellence is our standard and not a goal. Our practices involve persistently creating better ways of doing the things we do. We endeavor to exceed expectations in every project through quality in our work and practices.



At Knowledge Now we respect your independence and remain flexible in our dealings ensuring that we do not jeopardize or bias your decision making with strict unbendable consulting solutions. Flexibility is an integral part of our consulting framework, it is all about adapting to and acting according to our client needs, staying open-minded and never losing the ability to be amazed.



Commitment to our work and in essence commitment to our selves is our characteristic trait. Our practices are inspired by commitment and dedication to our clients, self and society. We honor our commitments and demonstrate it in our dealings and conduct.



Knowledge Now's approach, services and consulting methodology is based on our teamwork and generating synergies through revering core-competency of our wide global network members. Our strength lies in our strong work methodology and co-ordination.



Entrepreneurial mind set are the roots of our consulting solutions. At Knowledge Now we truly value and implement entrepreneurial environment for executive development. It is entrepreneurial creativity which empowers our team and individual consultants. All our consultants are responsible for growing the business thus cultivating leadership skills and abilities.



At Knowledge Now you will find passion gushing in the veins of each and every member of our team from front desk to board level. It is because we are passionate about what we do and that helps us transform our clients and create unique blend of service solutions which are unmatchable in global market. We are excited about the contribution Knowledge Now can make to your organization. Once you interact with us, you will yourself feel the passion that we have in us to help you build stronger.

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