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Our Research Help Desk will help you with your specific needs. You can visit the Research Help Desk online. If you want to arrange a consultation with a specialist, go to the consultants’ page to find the subject specialist for your area.  Knowledge Now serves as an extension to your product planning management and marketing teams. We specialize in your industry and possess extensive research experience and resources. We know what works, and we know how to work with you. Let us focus on getting your project done so that you can focus on managing your business.

Call Knowledge Now when you have important decisions to make regarding your company’s business strategy, product development, and go-to-market plans. We can help you gain the information and insights you need to move forward.

Following are some of the areas where we offer our research services:

Bench Marking Surveys

Whether you’re measuring customer satisfaction, employee engagement, customer loyalty, website feedback, or just about anything else, the first thing you have to do is send out a survey to get your initial results. We have a wide variety of popular sample survey templates, created by our own survey experts, to help you get started. 

One of the greatest strength of our academic consultants is their research skills and capabilities. We have a strong portfolio of top global academic leaders who are gurus in survey design, implementation and evaluation. We provide our client organizations looking for benchmarking their services against their competitors with a complete range of tools and surveys which can allow them to understand their positioning. We provide innovative online survey testing tools which are unparalleled and greatly efficient.

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Market Analysis/ Competitor Research

Research into various aspects of the business and market landscape is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Research services providers like Knowledge Now help businesses take strategic decisions by carrying out complex analyses and presenting insightful reports. As, research assignments require huge investments; Outsourcing research and analysis services to us can give your business access to expert analysis without worrying about exorbitant costs. Leading the charge is Knowledge Now which provides research services across domains that continues to help companies make effective use of data for their benefit.

We are a group of gifted individuals who have a passion for Market Research. We are a team of geeks, researchers, product testers, statisticians, fanatical client support specialists, usability experts, quantitative research enthusiasts…and some lovable people thrown in for good measure. With powerful yet easy-to-use products for multi-mode data collection, predictive dialing, online data analysis, we believe that KN has the most flexible market research softwares in the industry. And the best technical team behind it.

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Corporate and Business Surveys

Like you, we’re thinking about your entire business and making connections between your projects. Can information from your employee survey help your company better deliver on its brand promise? Can your satisfaction measurement program correlate with your sales program? Each business and corporation strives to make themselves and their products better with every passing day. However, for corporations, information gathering and progress monitoring may be a handful of task. True insight may go beyond the bounds of a single department or an individual research project, and that’s what Knowledge Now delivers.

KN’s business surveys are a great way to get to know the customers requirement and also allow understanding the quality performance of your business or product in the market. The research is extensive, providing complete support to the business from the word go. You will gain maximum information with KN surveys than most other surveys.

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Industry and Academic Research

Any economy in order to grow relies on its research portfolio. Especially for the developing countries it’s not only research but radical research that gives the economy a quantum leap. Unfortunately, research in this part of the world is either not impactful or it is just incremental in nature rather than being radical.

These issues often require a combination of industry/market knowledge and academic research. Knowledge Now can help you determine the critical questions, apply the best research methodology, and interpret the results. Call Knowledge Now when you need a research partner that understands your business.

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Data Bank

“Discover, Craft, Share”

Providing industry based performance and executive data is expected to strengthen academic research in our Universities and have a powerful policy impact on the learning curve of the businesses and organizations working in this region.  We are compiling our own Business Data bank and shall soon be providing this to our registered members of community. Our top-tier facilities provide business solutions for customized IT deployments, and industry compliance regulations which are coupled with unmatched support.

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