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Video Content Production

If a picture is worth a thousand worlds, a well-made video is worth a million sales.

Customers are 85% more likely to purchase your products if you promote them through an interesting and enticing video. It simply means 85% more response and sales which you miss if you don’t produce compelling videos addressing major interests, passions, hobbies and needs of your target audience. In fact, you can generate 7% more action and reaction rate just by uploading a professional video on your website or social media profiles.

Knowledge Now helps businesses and individuals with complete video production, optimization and promotion services, enabling them to convey their message on multiple channels in one deliverable. This further allows them to expend minimum amount of money and time and yet reach a huge audience.

Our Video Production Process:

Videos are an innovative, creative and inexpensive method of marketing and promoting your products and services. Regardless of the industry you operate in, people would prefer watching a video rather than reading a long boring text. We offer an easy to use and understand online portal as well as dedicated and highly experienced video producers to meet your video production and marketing needs in best manner possible.

Our video production process is also fairly simply. We start by gathering requirements and expectations of our clients and create a theme for the video. The next step is to engage our creative videographers and editors to produce and edit the actual video respectively. The last step of the video production is “video optimization” in order to provide your viewers with improved viewer experience, make your videos rank higher in search engines and reach and engage broader target audience in the process.

Video Marketing:

The consumers’ behavior is rapidly changing and branded marketing videos seem to have deeper impact on their buying decisions than ever before. Therefore, producing a great video is only the first step towards using this exceptional marketing medium in your favor. Giving your videos maximum exposure by promoting them on various channels will allow you increase your profits considerably. Knowledge Now can help you enhance those efforts especially by optimizing and preparing your YouTube Channel. We also ensure that these videos drive increased number of searches to the relevant pages on your website. In addition to YouTube, experts at Knowledge Now will also optimize videos to leverage the growing popularity of other videos hosting channels such as Dailymotion and Vimeo.

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