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Any economy in order to grow relies on its research portfolio. Especially for the developing countries it’s not only research but radical research that gives the economy a quantum leap. Unfortunately, research in this part of the world is either not impactful or it is just incremental in nature rather than being radical.

These issues often require a combination of industry/market knowledge and academic research. Knowledge Now can help you determine the critical questions, apply the best research methodology, and interpret the results. Call Knowledge Now when you need a research partner that understands your business.

Our qualified and experienced foreign faculty members are research experts and most of them are global thought leaders. We recognize that sustainability issues in business world are complex and that new insights are emerging all the time. We offer expert research services with experienced academic and industrial researchers on a wide range of projects.

We bring an informed, rigorous and independent approach to all our work and have experience of leading and managing research projects and conducting work. Our aim is to keep our experts continuously engaged in academic and industry based research projects to ensure that research starts producing desired results. We are more focused on evidence based management research which can close the gap between industry and academia.

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