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Behavioral Waste being driven out by Companies in Pakistan

Behavioral Waste is the biggest business disease that is generally being ignored by organisations, yet it continues to drag down performance and further disengages employees. However for a few organisations with the foresight of looking for solutions to improve employee engagement and productivity, this business disease is now being acknowledged and addressed. Some are already feeling the benefit within hours of attending the Masterclass.

Mr Ali Jafri, President of KnowledgeNow brought Mr Neville Gaunt, CEO of co-founder of Mind Fit (a UK based company) to Karachi as keynote speaker at the LEAD2017 summit in February. The feedback from the LEAD2017 attendees encouraged Mr Jafri to act quickly and establish a series of Masterclasses so that organisations could benefit from this new approach to leadership and business improvement. He was delighted when Mind Fit agreed to partner with KnowledgeNow and deliver their insights with the two founders of Mind Fit including the architect of the process Mr Graham Williams.

The Masterclasses have just been completed following a short visit to Islamabad and Karachi, where insights and experiences were shared with over 4 companies and 300 attendees including CEOs and senior management from UBL Bank, AbuDawood Pakistan, The FIELD/FFBL Group and others. Many attending have already made changes which has had a positive impact on their teams and as Mr Neville Gaunt says “the ripple effect will happen and spread not only throughout the organisation, but with customers, suppliers and at home.”

Mr. Nael Ahmed, Country of Head of Abu Dawood Pakistan said, “After receiving Knowledge Now’s preposition, It took me few seconds to decide that I have to invite Mind Fit Coaches to our organization, and I don’t have any regrets as their Masterclass was a great success.”

Director Fauji Institute of Leadership and Development, Brig Mujtaba Tirimzi (Ret’d) said, “This masterclass was one of the best we have held so far on our premises.”

Meantime,  Ms. Seema Kamil of UBL commenced the masterclass for UBL in Karachi and expressed her excitement to be able to attend this program and interact with Neville and Graham, as the topic of Behavioural Waste Management itself intrigued her a lot to decide to take special time out of her busy schedule and participate.

Head of Learning & Development of UBL Bank echoed the same excitement and enthusiasm by saying, “It was an overwhelming experience to go through this journey of “Can Do” attitude with Neville and Graham.”

One thing is certain in this complex world, change is a constant and the people and organisations that embrace change will be the earliest and consistent winners.

“We had a great visit to Pakistan and delighted to hear that even before we left, senior people in the organisations were already making small changes in what they do and increasing productivity. Everyone committed to improving their productivity by 1 hour a day and when you add that up there will be a healthy return on their investment in the Masterclass. We look forward to working with KnowledgeNow and helping organisations in Pakistan grow and eliminate their Behavioral Waste.” Said Mr Neville Gaunt

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