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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Producing lasting SEO results is no longer about a cliché list of repeatable tasks and best practices. Advanced and real SEO is all about meticulously analyzing, testing and customizing page and integrating website specific strategies to attain both short and long term search engine ranking goals that results in real leads and sales.

Real SEO always starts with a solid foundation that is the effective keyword research based on thorough understanding of your business needs and that of your competitors and customers. You also need to build authority and trust by creating a winning recipe incorporating links from topical, relevant sites and high quality content. For driving targeted traffic to your site, the on page and off page SEO strategies should also complement each other perfectly.

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Video Content Production

If a picture is worth a thousand worlds, a well-made video is worth a million sales.

Customers are 85% more likely to purchase your products if you promote them through an interesting and enticing video. It simply means 85% more response and sales which you miss if you don’t produce compelling videos addressing major interests, passions, hobbies and needs of your target audience. In fact, you can generate 7% more action and reaction rate just by uploading a professional video on your website or social media profiles.

Knowledge Now helps businesses and individuals with complete video production, optimization and promotion services, enabling them to convey their message on multiple channels in one deliverable. This further allows them to expend minimum amount of money and time and yet reach a huge audience.

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Mobile App Development

The term ‘mobile application’ was unknown to general public ten years ago, nothing to talk about businesses. Today, there is a mobile app for almost anything you can imagine. Businesses are also greatly benefiting a lot from widespread use of mobile apps. The rise of smartphones have also contributed a lot towards the success of mobile apps. Mobile apps help organizations better communicate with their customers and offer them more ways to interact with their products and services.

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Social Media Management

Social media management is a commitment, not a marketing campaign.

The growing using of online social channels has compelled companies to target these channels if they really want to take their business to the next level. It has become mandatory for them to identify their target customers and talk to them using different portals. Gone are the days when you could only rely on organic search to drive more traffic to your website. Nowadays, you have to consider the value of Social to reach broader target audience, impress them and finally encourage them to take action.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is not all about getting likes on Facebook or more followers on Twitter. It is a strategic process of attracting more visitors to your social channels and later converting them to long term customers. You must not concentrate on numbers but on increasing engagement. Engaged users do not only share your posts but also refer you and become your customers and this is where Knowledge comes to your help.

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Webinars Management System

“The issue of consistent and clear communications is one that technology can solve.”

Do you want to better engage with your online audience?

Just few years ago, people had no idea about what a webinar is and how it can benefit their businesses. Today, the internet bandwagon is already sensitizing mainstream audience about the upcoming evolution of webinars into  mobinars, for online learning and development with an ease of smart phone. However, having said that, Webinars are going to stay here for a long time, as they have gained traction to the extent that many publishers are now seriously thinking about aborting their printing operations and handing the responsibility over to media groups with specialties in conducting and managing webinars.

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Online Communities of Practices (COP)

Help Marketing is where focus of organizations is being developed through engagement strategies. In this regard, Online Communities of Practice (COP) have really garnered popularity in recent years. Today’s economies largely depend on knowledge sharing and customer centricity and various companies are working persistently to capitalize on this trend. As per the market survey by Get Satisfaction in 2014, out of 800 respondent professional institutes around the globe, more than 60% have deployed an online community in the past 2 years and 25% of the remaining plan to follow suite in the next year. 

Online Communities of Practice (COP) promises to radically stimulate learning, change and most importantly knowledge sharing. A COP comprises of people who informally share same expertise or passion on an interactive platform, properly moderated by its subject expert.

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  • Had you ever thought about selling cars via webinar?
  • Have you ever found yourself strangled on the airport by missing the flight, yet instantly received the joy of a new ticket generated through airlines twitter account?
  • Do you think either we are still in a transition phase of moving towards digital media or have already missed the bandwagon of information highway?

In a nutshell, answer to all of the above raised questions is:

“If you are looking of enhancing your brand awareness, digital is the way to go.”

Not sure where to start? Every digital solution is not suitable for everyone. You have to find the optimal fit and that is where Knowledge Now can come to your help. We do not rely only on brand management techniques in vogue but also focus on finding appropriate tools and channels for your organizations through experimentation. We help our clients hone their own digital brand awareness strategy ensuring the most effective reach.

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Channels of Focus

Knowledge Now follows some very definite roles. We never lose sight of people who matter us the most including our customers, their clients and our employees. We don’t resist change but adapt our thinking and working style, incorporating change in the quickly evolving digital marketing world. We create digital products and services like an innovator. We also believe that innovation is the result of environment in which challenging ideas and innovative thinking is a norm.

We enable our clients attain strong online presence and build up a unique brand image through high quality content including:

  • Webinars Management System
  • Communities of Practice
  • Blogs
  • Web Strategy
  • Video Content Production
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Management


Time Issue? No writers? No blog posts?
No problem!

‘We’re the simple, straightforward way to original blog content for your business.’

Our blog writing service will increase your search ranking while organically increasing your site traffic. Our professional in-house bloggers write original, custom blogs that bring forth engagement for your business like never before. Our team encompasses writers with years of writing experience, vast cultural exposure, multi-lingual abilities and belong to top-notch academic schools around the world.

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Web Strategy

It is important than ever before for businesses to constantly redefine their web strategy to keep abreast with latest advancements in the world of digital marketing. The web strategy normally includes website designing, development, architecture and marketing. An effective web strategy is a fundamental and perhaps the most important component of a successful digital marketing campaign.

A good web design can result in higher search rankings and conversations but this is only the one aspect of your digital marketing efforts. You need to have an artistically designed website with a great structure to provide your visitors with better user experience, ease of use. Similarly, a great website is necessary for using advanced analytical tools in your favor, effective pay per click advertisement and enhanced brand image.

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