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“The issue of consistent and clear communications is one that technology can solve.”

Do you want to better engage with your online audience?

Just few years ago, people had no idea about what a webinar is and how it can benefit their businesses. Today, the internet bandwagon is already sensitizing mainstream audience about the upcoming evolution of webinars into  mobinars, for online learning and development with an ease of smart phone. However, having said that, Webinars are going to stay here for a long time, as they have gained traction to the extent that many publishers are now seriously thinking about aborting their printing operations and handing the responsibility over to media groups with specialties in conducting and managing webinars.

Knowledge Now also understands the importance of webinars and how deeply it can impact the minds of attendees. Although, we are a growing web conference provider yet we have a rich history of producing seamless webinars and webcasts.
Knowledge Now has so far facilitated more than 170 live webinars with renowned speakers from top academic institutes, such as, Harvard, Oxford, Rotman Business School, London Business School to Global Consulting Firms, such as, Accenture, Oliver Wyman, Booz & Co

In this era of information overload, webinars have become the most effective platform to enhance your reach to targeted audience  in a cost effective manner, further nurturing relevant leads in your area of niche.
Knowledge Now provides a complete spectrum of  Webinar Management System (WMS), designed and developed to meet your specific requirements for smooth coordination of live Content Delivery, archiving your webinar recording sessions into multifaceted productions, such as,

  • Video Broadcast
  • Audio Podcasts
  • Summary Transcripts
  • PDF Illustrations..

We are still in the learning phase ourselves, but our team comprised of highly professional and experienced personnel dedicated to delivering digital events, webinars and webcasts of the highest quality. In a nutshell, Knowledge Now is much more than simply a provider of webinar management services, we rather see ourselves as your partner in managing the complete life cycle of your webinar content. Think of us as your trusted partner for managing all of your online events helping you, your speakers and attendees throughout the process to remain engaged.

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