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Online Communities of Practices (COP)

Help Marketing is where focus of organizations is being developed through engagement strategies. In this regard, Online Communities of Practice (COP) have really garnered popularity in recent years. Today’s economies largely depend on knowledge sharing and customer centricity and various companies are working persistently to capitalize on this trend. As per the market survey by Get Satisfaction in 2014, out of 800 respondent professional institutes around the globe, more than 60% have deployed an online community in the past 2 years and 25% of the remaining plan to follow suite in the next year. 

Online Communities of Practice (COP) promises to radically stimulate learning, change and most importantly knowledge sharing. A COP comprises of people who informally share same expertise or passion on an interactive platform, properly moderated by its subject expert.

How do you create an online community for your own brand?

Knowledge Now, one of its kind digital lab, will develop and maintain an interactive virtual platform for your organization, whereby giving an opportunity to your existing and prospective customers, business partners and stakeholders, market experts, researchers, professionals and students to come and share valuable content, insights, thoughts and experiences through discussions, file sharing, videos and personal interactions.

A Community of Practice (COP) will help you understand your engaged members and customers better. Through COP, you can avail following benefits:

  • Continuous engagement and customer support
  • More satisfied customers
  • Higher customer retention
  • Online communities ensure first time problem resolution and improved customer self-service.
  • Decreased number of inbound support calls

Knowledge Now will also help you to use Online Community to massively accelerate the engagement with subject experts, thought leaders, professionals and consultants. We make you realize that Online Community of Practice is not a goal in itself, but it is an integral part of a bigger strategy.

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