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It is important than ever before for businesses to constantly redefine their web strategy to keep abreast with latest advancements in the world of digital marketing. The web strategy normally includes website designing, development, architecture and marketing. An effective web strategy is a fundamental and perhaps the most important component of a successful digital marketing campaign.

A good web design can result in higher search rankings and conversations but this is only the one aspect of your digital marketing efforts. You need to have an artistically designed website with a great structure to provide your visitors with better user experience, ease of use. Similarly, a great website is necessary for using advanced analytical tools in your favor, effective pay per click advertisement and enhanced brand image.

Knowledge Now is not a traditional web design and development company. Rather we help our clients build an effective web strategy to rediscover their business image in the extremely competitive internet marketplace. We provide a blend of technology, style experience and expertise, enabling you to leverage the world of opportunities which internet offers.

We mostly focus on following channels while developing an effective web strategy for our clients.

Web Design:

An average user only stays on your website for 5 seconds and this is the time you get to leave an impression on him. While designing a website, we don’t take into consideration only one aspect of your business but your strategy as a whole. Our talented staff constantly strives to deliver websites especially designed to help you achieve your business goals whether they are engaging more customers, generating more revenue or increasing profit margins.

While designing or redesigning a website, experts at Knowledge Now consider the following.

  • Sensibilities and needs of target audience.
  • Using appropriate graphic tools to address the demographics of target audience.
  • Furthering the central message of the website.
  • Building trust in the website and that of its owners.

Responsive Web Design:

The advent of tablets and smartphones has changed the approach towards web designing and user experience. Now, the visitors don’t access your website using only desktops or laptops. In order to maintain your brand positioning, your website must accommodate all kinds of devices and screen resolutions.

Knowledge Now boasts a team of talented web designers with years of experience in making responsive web designs. The responsive design allows your website to automatically adjust to the screen of devices your visitors are using. This enables you to provide visitors with smooth user experience in addition with replicating your content consistently across all devices. We help you to cater to the need of growing use of smartphones and tablets while reaching a broader target audience with relative ease through outclass responsive web designing.

Web Development:

Knowledge Now believes in web development that is practical and focused at producing results. We start with analyzing your business dynamics and needs of your customer followed by developing websites using latest web development technologies. We make the web development process easy to understand and implement for our clients and also suggest right tools to use for ecommerce, marketing, content management and web hosting.

It is absolutely important for your company to utilize most up to date internet technologies in today’s dynamic online marketplace. Knowledge Now assists you in running your business more effectively and smoothly by developing websites while considering your particular business needs.

Web Structure:
Knowledge Now also believes that creating a right structure for your website is the first step towards online success. To achieve actionable results, you must make content on your website easy to navigate and use. We take maximum care to ensure that your most valuable content appears on most prominent places of your website to immediately grab visitors’ attraction and entice them to take the next step. Knowledge Now will experiment with your content placing in order to perfectly align it with other elements of your website, helping you to convert your visitors to customers in a sway.

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