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Social media management is a commitment, not a marketing campaign.

The growing using of online social channels has compelled companies to target these channels if they really want to take their business to the next level. It has become mandatory for them to identify their target customers and talk to them using different portals. Gone are the days when you could only rely on organic search to drive more traffic to your website. Nowadays, you have to consider the value of Social to reach broader target audience, impress them and finally encourage them to take action.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is not all about getting likes on Facebook or more followers on Twitter. It is a strategic process of attracting more visitors to your social channels and later converting them to long term customers. You must not concentrate on numbers but on increasing engagement. Engaged users do not only share your posts but also refer you and become your customers and this is where Knowledge comes to your help.

We optimize your social endeavors to convert your visitors into loyal clients. We go beyond traditional social media practices and provide you with detailed analytics, ROI analyses, conversion rates and reporting, helping you to fully understand how your social media campaign is affecting your business’s bottom line.

Knowledge Now considers social media management as an integral part of your greater digital strategy and provides following services in this regard.

  • Social Media Optimization:

    Knowledge Now augments your online processes be refining and redefining your website and social profiles. We start by analyzing whether your site is perfectly optimized for various social media platforms or not followed by determining if your social sites truly represent your brand, products and services or not. We help you learn how to use social media tabs, profiles, pictures, applications and tools to increase engagement in addition with making your social content rank higher in search engines and YouTube. Cost

  • Cost Per Click Campaigns:

    High quality Cost per Click campaigns can drive huge and qualified traffic to your website. Knowledge Now boasts to have highly experienced and talented staff to help you better monetize your CPC campaigns. We believe in the power of search to enable businesses of all sizes and natures to achieve exceptional results through our Cost per Click services. Knowledge Now offers myriad services and software to optimize your CPC account in order to generate more leads and thus, profit.

  • Brand Position:

    Want your target audience to see your business, image and brand online in a positive light, Knowledge Now is here to help. We develop strategic campaigns while considering your particular goals whether you want to enhance your brand’s position on Search Engines or Social Media. Our staff enables you to promote your brand using ethical brand positioning and reputation management strategies. Knowledge Now empowers both businesses and individuals to enhance and protect their value with the help of proven tools, techniques and strategies. Knowledge Now can become your trusted partner when it comes to making social media and search engines positively portray your image or brand.

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