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The world’s most revolutionary leadership development programme returns to Pakistan.

(March 31st, 2017 - Islamabad ) : Following the excitement raised at the LEAD2017 Summit held in Karachi in February 2017, we’re delighted that Mr Neville Gaunt CEO of Mind Fit is returning to Pakistan to deliver several Masterclasses for some of the best known institutes and organisations in Pakistan.

We’re also excited that the architect of the Mind Fit Process, Mr Graham Williams, will be joining him to demonstrate that growth and innovation can be accelerated by eliminating the business disease, they call Behavioral Waste™. This new form of leadership development programme, developing Reality-Driven Leaders, is guaranteed to work no matter what your industry or business sector and that is a compelling offer in itself.

Forbes magazine recently interviewed Mr Neville Gaunt
( and it’s becoming clear that Mind Fit’s leadership programme might be the one programme that actually delivers sustainable results, no matter what the problems faced by an organisation. When asked why their process works, Mr Gaunt responds with a question “What leader goes to work to fail? All leaders want to be Can-Do people don’t they?” Indeed this simple but challenging approach seems to have worked wherever they have worked which ranges from the Boardroom down to long-term unemployed. Mr Gaunt is so assured the Mind Fit approach works that he says “We regularly get organisations that are sceptical of yet another 'new' leadership programme. But I offer the challenge of working with the worst performing leaders or managers, and proving what we do will work, and guaranteeing it will be sustainable in the long term.”

Knowledge Now is sponsoring the 10 day visit and President Mr Ali Jafri said “After Mr Neville Gaunt stole the show at LEAD2017, it was merely a matter of not if but how quickly Mind Fit would be returning. It wasn’t surprising that when we secured the dates the demand for Masterclasses was quickly taken up by forward thinking institutes and organisations.”

Upcoming Masterclass : Increased Productivity through Behavioral Waste Management

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