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How to Get Amazing Results by Coaching Your Staff

John Hardwick

In our rapidly changing world, businesses are relentlessly being driven to do more with less.  It’s a big challenge for leaders to achieve growth and deliver change with fewer people, so how can that be done?  The answer for those leaders is to adopt a coaching culture, and make some changes to their style of people management.

A leader who can effectively use coaching skills gets better results through the efforts of others, by providing clarity of vision and clarity of expectations.  There is a strong and healthy balance of challenge and support, and an increase in engagement of staff, along with a strong desire to take ownership and responsibility.  More trusting and respectful relationships also develop as each conversation takes place.

In this webinar, I introduce the GROW model, a tool which provides structure to 1:1 meetings, and which was designed to achieve aspirational performance against clear objectives.  I also introduce some key skills which provide foundations to the leader/staff member relationship.

  • Why it’s important to adopt a coaching culture, with a look at some of the research studies.

  • The GROW model itself and how it is applied.

  • The importance of some key foundational skills; rapport, listening, and questioning.

  • How to get started with these tools added to your manager’s toolkit.


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