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How to Lead Your Sales Team to a Competitive Advantage

Jim Pancero

Is your sales team functioning as a collection of independent gun fighters each choosing their own targets and their own selling message or a trained sales team with process, structures, strategy and direction? Learn the sales leadership “best practices” that can most impact your team’s market share and profitability. You will also learn how to change your sales leadership coaching focus and language so you too can implement these proven coaching processes and selling “best practices” that can provide your team with a stronger competitive advantage and profitability moving forward. A detailed program workbook/learning guide will be provided.

How are you coaching, training and leading your sales team today? Your competitors are effective selling pros with a solid set of existing customers, offering proven products at a very competitive price. Are your sales team members consistently maximizing all the Operational, Tactical and Strategic selling skills for success in this aggressive, intense selling environment? Good is no longer good enough. This program will share with you the four secrets to leading your team to gaining…and then maintaining a competitive advantage. Are you good enough to lead your sales team to get even better?

  • The four rules of motivation

  • How where you spend your time as a manager defines your leadership style

  • The quantifiable differences between a sales manager vs a sales leader

  • The three levels of leadership communications

  • How the definition of a successful sales leader is dramatically changing today

  • Key coaching language and coaching terms to ask your team

  • How to get into the language of “The Coaching Zone”

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