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How to Use Resilient Strengths for Impactful Leadership

Rhian Sherrington

90% of today’s top performers exhibit high emotional and social intelligence* Intelligence alone does not pre-determine success, rather the ability to embrace ‘inner leadership’ does.

 An essential starting point is the understanding of what resilience strengths are present in you, and your team, and how to utilise these to best effect.

 This webinar will explore what is meant by ‘resilient strengths’ and share a powerful yet memorable behavioural profiling tool that will transform how you approach developing your inner leadership, leading to high performing and flourishing teams.

  • What resilient strengths are and how to identify them for yourself and your teams.

  • The key features of the C-Me Colour ProfilingTM tool and how to apply it,

  • The No:1 Leadership Mistake that everyone is making and how to avoid falling into the same trap.

  • 5 simple steps to ensure your leadership facilitates high performance.

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- Duration : 00:57:55
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