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How to Become it - How to Achieve it - Introduction to Executive Presence

Diane Craig

Experts agree that Executive Presence is far more than leadership abilities. Yes, the ability to lead is a component. Communication is also a significant skill set and a facility for powerful, interpersonal engagement is pivotal. Executive Presence is clearly multi-faceted.

There is no question that ability, talent and skills count BUT Executive Presence, often described as the art of commanding respect, plays a key role in assuring people achieve their full potential. The goal of EP is not a singular, stellar move up the career ladder but continuous, upward mobility.

The extraordinary thing about EP is its accessibility. In fact, itʼs attainable to everyone with the will to succeed. Executive Presence is neither exclusive nor elusive.™

  • Master the EP skills compulsory in today’s fast-paced corporate world
  • Fine-tune and communicate your corporate brand to your target audience
  • Showcase Executive Presence to reinforce your brand’s authority and credibility

Look and act like a Leader!

  • Communicate professionally across the corporate landscape from making presentations, client meetings and digital connections to formal boardroom forums and networking events

  • Bring presence, confidence and poise to the wide spectrum of corporate experiences

  • Steer productive meetings

  • Create lasting first impressions

  • Command and work a room

  • Strategically manage personal social media profiles

  • Consistently represent the corporate brand

  • Express and exude unique values and personal strengths

  • Learn how your executive brain works

  • Manoeuver office politics.

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