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Emerging Leadership Competencies in the Era of Disruption

Zafar Aziz Osmani

The world we live in is becoming increasingly volatile. Politics, Technology, and Internet is changing the landscape faster than climate change. No business is immune to these rapid disruptions. There is no room for doubt anymore - casual slack will result in imminent obliteration. Companies need to aggressively innovate and transform to survive.

But what does it take to stay ahead of the curve? Is drawing on conventional wisdom enough or is there a greater need for a paradigm shift?

Mr. Zafar will reflect on the kind of leadership the business world calls for today and the emergent tomorrow:

  • Conventional Leadership

  • The Problem with Conventional Leadership and Drawing on Historical Concepts

  • The Need for Transforming and Building Leadership Competencies

  • New Leadership Competencies : Criteria for Company Success

  • How to Overcome Roadblocks and Be Drivers of Success

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- Duration : 00:49:50
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