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The Urgency of Building Employee Engagement: Global Perspectives and Solutions

Dr.Jeffrey yergler
According to the Gallup Institute as reported in January 7, 2016, globally only 13% of all employees are engaged with their work. This means that, based on Gallup’s measures, a total of 87% of all employees are not engaged with their work. While the percentages change from country to country, the incredibly high percentage of disengaged employees points to other issues. Besides to the billions of dollars in lost productivity, employees who are not engaged with their work can suffer from low morale that expresses itself in an unwillingness to apply discretionary effort, creativity, and innovation in the workplace. When morale suffers so does production. There is something more problematic though when this issue is explored at a deeper level. Our research at Integer Leadership Consulting has found that low levels of engagement are an outcome or a result of another factor. Disengaged employees tend to be disengaged because managerial interactions lower levels of self-esteem and self-efficacy. Though employees come to the workplace wanting to make a valuable contribution, many chafe and struggle under the supervision of managers who do not understand how to engage their followers and in many cases, fail altogether to see the importance of building engagement. Moreover these managers, over time, do deeper-level and often longer-term damage to an employee’s self-esteem and self-efficacy.

This webinar will provide four unique insights that employees and employers alike can use in their organizational settings to build employee engagement whether US- based companies, EU-based companies, companies in the Middle East, or companies based in Asia.

  • Global Employee Engagement by the Numbers

  • 6 Key Areas that Build Employee Engagement

  • Engagement Issues and Opportunities: a Middle-East/Asia Perspective

  • Managers as the Critical Link to Engagement

In addition to Jeffrey D. Yergler, Ph.D., this webinar will feature two additional expert panelists both of whom are from Afghanistan and are also Fulbright Scholars: Nang Attal and Rohela Jalali (see their bios below). Attal will address the importance of employee engagement as it relates to the economies of Afghanistan and Asia. Rohela will bring a perspective on engagement as it relates to younger professional women in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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