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Human Performance Excellence

Cees Nieboer

While the philosophy of Frederick Taylor, mechanical engineer who sought to improve efficiency at the turn of the 20th century is far behind us, we are still ‘haunted’ by many of his misguided, narrow minded practices today. Believe it or not there are still Corporate Neanderthals in existence today masquerading as savvy, charismatic leaders of business.  Their biggest blunder is a failure to see their people as their most important asset rather than as mere tools to get a job done.   In their world, obedience, diligence and expertise are the kings.  Their organizations are notoriously over managed and under-led.  Many have created ‘draconian’ environments where fear and intimidation still reign supreme. The ‘3Ç’s’ – command, control and coordinate represent the ‘standard operating procedure’.

But the fact of the matter is that your people should be creating and delivering value to ensure your competitive advantage in the marketplace.  You need, in today’s competitive world, people who are inspired to take the initiative, be creative and passionate about what they doing and why they are doing it.  They need to be ‘engaged’ – have an emotional attachment to the organization. If all they have is a ‘job’ you aren’t giving them what you need if you want to attract and keep great talent. The problem is that research tells us that 70-80% of employees in organizations globally are disengaged resulting in a tremendous cost of doing business due to lower creativity, lower productivity and more defects.  If you settle for anything less than human performance excellence you are not competing to win. But then maybe you are content with being ‘second best’ or worse?

  • Gain valuable insights based upon 43 years of hands on experience of what organizations don’t do right when it comes to their people and the consequences and the key challenges of Human Resources – why they often don’t get the job done.

  • Hear many valuable examples from Dr. Marra’s hands-on experiences with over 160 organizations including a number in Pakistan.

  • Find out what ‘human performance excellence’ means and the requirements for achieving it in your organization – why it is ‘critical to long term successes’.

  • What is it that employees really want most?

  • Understand some simple yet powerful ways you can start moving toward human performance excellence in your organization – the behaviors and practices you as senior management need to engage in which you can make a meaningful difference.

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