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The Magic T-Shirt: How to Get others to Promote Your Products and Services

Greg Jameson

You’ve heard that word of mouth marketing is the most effective form of marketing. You see videos going viral. You see companies getting tons of press and hundreds of people writing positive reviews. A single endorsement can literally create a best-seller overnight.

How can the average business owner, who doesn’t have the budget for a celebrity endorsement, create this type of success with influencers for their company? As it turns out, celebrities are not always the best type of influencer. Lesser-known experts can often have a bigger impact on their following, much like a referral from a close friend or family member. These people are known as micro-influencers and your business will improve by working with them.

Influence is simply about getting others to take a desired action. Whether you are a company or a leader looking to have others generate content and share it with your followers, or you are an expert who is sharing knowledge for something you are passionate about, influencer marketing is here to stay.

There is a replicable process called GEARS, that is used by some of the highest earning individuals and the most respected companies in the world. In this webinar, you are going to learn how to apply that system to your business.

You will learn how to apply the GEARS system to your business:
G - Generate interest
E - empower influencers
A - amplify your message
R - get Results
S - share your Strategy

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