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The Networking Mindset

Andy Lopata

Invite people to a networking event and many will find any excuse not to go. Images fill our minds of people exchanging business cards and elevator pitches over cold canapés and warm wine. Many feel uncomfortable approaching strangers, struggle to know what to say or lack the confidence to talk to senior people.

Yet strong networks provide a foundation for a successful career and events are a key tool in helping us to build those networks and deepen the relationships within them. 

How then, can we overcome our hesitation, enjoy networking events and ensure that they are productive?

In this webinar, Andy Lopata will explore the networking mind-set, looking at what you need to think about to get the most out of your networking.

  • An understanding of the role networking plays in your career and business development 

  •  Increased confidence and self-belief when attending networking events

  •  An introduction to putting together a networking strategy

  • Knowledge about how to make a positive impact on the people you meet when networking

  • Key follow up techniques

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- Duration : 00:54:14
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