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How to spot and manage the Business Disease called Behavioural Waste?

Neville Gaunt

Behavioural Waste™ are those negative and largely ignored, unproductive attitudes and behaviours that waste time, effort and money in all organisations. If these are not directly addressed, any change programme like Lean or Leadership Development will fail.

Regular research reaffirms engagement of employees is stubbornly fixed at 13% causing low productivity, happiness at work and a lack of drive to increase profitability.

Mind Fit has a proven process that improves the attitudes, behaviours and culture of organisations that reduces or eliminates Behavioural Waste™ . It directly improves business performance and creates a culture of continual improvement.

  • How to identify Behavioral WasteTM which is a parasite and blocks personal and organisational progress.

  • How to engaged people and develop growth mindsets, "Can-Do" attitudes with little Behavioral WasteTM.

  • How Leaders and Entrepreneurs reduce their personal, cultural and systemic Behavioral WasteTM through personal focus and effort.

  • Discovering the power of a Reality-Driven Leader.

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Recycling Behavioural Waste By Neville Gaunt

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