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Action Learning – Adding to the bottom-line

Dr. Bea Carson

We have heard the amazing stories of how Action Learning achieves breakthrough solutions thus adding to the bottom-line. A division of a Fortune 500 company boasted of doubling in value in just 18 months because of Action Learning. Action Learning teams think differently – thus seeing the possible instead of being hindered by the obstacles. This new way of thinking is achieved by the Action Learning process and the skills of the coach. The coach is the catalyst for learning within the team.

Learning moments continually happen in Action Learning sessions. As the team works through identifying the real problem, determining their goal, and fleshing out a solution, the learning coach looks for learning opportunities. When an opportunity presents itself the coach raises it to awareness and facilitates the discussion of how it impacts the team and how they want to move forward.

Additionally, each team member will have identified a leadership skill to work on during the session. The coach and other team members will watch to see when the skills are practiced. At the end of the session, during the final learning, the team will discuss when and how each participant demonstrated their skills.

Consequently, during the session we see a triple bang for the buck – the problem is solved, the team learns how to process most effectively, and each member develops as a leader. Countless resources are saved by addressing the real problem. And the organization leaps forward in the market with the breakthrough solution. The Action Learning Coach is the spark that brings the power of the process to this intense level.

1) How Action Learning Teams:

  • Slow down to Speed Up

  • Achieve Breakthrough Solutions

  • Flourish as High Performing Teams

  • Become Agile Leaders

2) How Action Learning Organizations:

  • See instant pay back in the bottom-line

  • Become Learning Organizations

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