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“As an influential leader I am first called to serve and from this disposition I champion dreams, inspire confidence, and encourage success that matters.”

As an influential leader Michael looks for opportunities to add value to people. He believes everybody has untapped potential and most of us have a desire to unlock and engage this potential as we experience the adventure of life and achieve success that matters. Part of that success for Michael looks like empowering leaders to lead themselves and others well; prosperity in every area of life that they can’t wait to give away to others!

Michael is a recognized Leadership and Business Advisory Coach within an exceptionally diverse range of businesses and organizational sectors. He is also professional mediator and facilitator. In addition, he also holds the following qualifications and designations:

  • Qualified (Q.MED) mediator with the ADR Institute of Canada
  • Analyst (WFA) with the Workplace Fairness Institute

From organizational development to succession planning, I bring over 35 years of diverse business experience to help take you where you want to go. In the realm of mediation and facilitation I help leaders and organizations understand and work with conflict to improve the quality of their relationships, empower fairness, cultivate innovation, and increase productivity and profitability. I also provide workshops and seminars that give participants the tools they need to start applying what they have discovered right away so they can see results.

“I invite you to reach out by email so we can schedule a 20-minute call to see if there is a good fit between us and how I can help and support you! I would also like to put in your hands our 4 Influential Leadership Questions which sets the table for each of my coaching clients.”

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