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Linda ChaousisCarnegie Mellon University

Linda Chaousis

Adjunct Faculty
Carnegie Mellon University

Consulting, writing, speaking, teaching and coaching have always been more than jobs to me. They are passions. The evidence-based approach to my work draws on years of research, observation, reflection and a bold courage to challenge conventional wisdom to get to a creative, sustainable, tailored solution---never forgetting the importance of the fun factor!

The teachings of Dr Anthony Grant, an internationally sought expert in the field of positive psychology and solution focused, evidence-based coaching and the late Michael White who developed the world renowned Narrative Therapy framework have shaped my approach to the courses I develop, my speaking engagements and the group coaching programs that are in the development stages. I am an accredited life coach from the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy.

My speaking engagements, future books, seminars courses and mentoring center around helping people who want to move the needle from where they are to their aspired level of competence or profile in their industry or organisation, aspired lifestyle or aspired success in their own business. I refer to it as the Art and Science of Creating the Life You Want.

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