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Neville GauntMind Fit Ltd

Neville Gaunt

CEO and Co-Founder
Mind Fit Ltd

Neville is the co-founder of Mind Fit, a UK based company.  He’s an international keynote speaker and co-author of “Is your mind fit for golf? The missing link to your success…” and “Mind Fit Golf For Kids”. As a Finance professional, Neville had a long career in FTSE 250 companies at both strategic and operational levels. His corporate and commercial finance background is gained over 30 years in international businesses mainly in the oil and gas industry, dealing with large and small businesses and complex supply chains. He has an accomplished track record of negotiating the business maze of short and long term commercial, political and environmental forces that influence all decisions. His motto is by Henry Ford – “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

For further information visit Twitter @NevilleGaunt or LinkedIn

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