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Dr. Ted Marra Cotrugli Business School

Dr. Ted Marra

Emeritus, Strategic Leadership
Cotrugli Business School

Dr. Ted Marra was President of MQI Consulting in Boston and Managing Director at Centre for Innovation Management Europe Ltd in the UK. For the past 42 years he has focused on Strategic Leadership (i.e., creating enduring organizations) and Strategic Stakeholder Relationship Management – with special emphasis on the 'customer'. His expertise, however, also spans human performance excellence, balanced scorecard/ performance measurement, six sigma/process management & improvement, organizational/cultural change, executive coaching, research and advanced data analysis and interpretation, the Baldrige Performance Excellence/EFQM Business Excellence frameworks (28 years' experience), ISO 9000 standards as well as other quality tools, techniques and related quality management systems Ted has worked in over 38 countries and assisted more than 160 organizations covering virtually every industry and sector. He has had clients such as IBM, Xerox, Shell, DuPont, Johnson and Johnson, Electrolux, VW, Cisco, Rolls Royce, Parco, Atlas Bank and many more as well as the U.S. Department of Energy, Department of Defense (UK), the Red Cross and others. Nearly half of his clients have been outside the U.S.

He has worked with the highest level of management, often directly with the CEO and management committee members of organizations around the globe. He is just as comfortable with senior executives as with frontline and factory floor personnel. He has also worked closely with a number of systems integrators, cloud computing and software development organizations including Oracle, TietoEnator, SPAN, Nimbus, SAP and others. During his 42 years of experience in business management, consulting and executive development he was active as a professor, adjunct professor and lecturer in MBA/EMBA programs in the U.S. (primarily Detroit and Boston), Switzerland (4 universities), the U.K and Croatia.

More recently he has begun to focus more on strategic thinking, strategic decision making ('hyper-decision making'), relationship mastery, human achievement and social innovation and entrepreneurship designed to breathe new life into Corporate Social Responsibility. Much of what he does is to share his wisdom and insight based upon his many years of "hands-on" learning and application/experience and reflection with others to help them gain deeper insight and understanding about critical business issues and how to most effectively and efficiently address them. While working in Pakistan he was Chairman of the Young Social Reformers Group, working and encouraging young college age youth to become the leaders of tomorrow. He is now working with youth in the Southeast European Region.

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