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Achieving Market Leadership in the Evolving Professional Services Landscape

Dr.Jeffrey Kuhn

Today’s market landscape presents promise and peril for leaders in established organizations. Socio-economic trends, emerging technologies, and shifts in customer behavior are intersecting to reshape existing markets and create new vistas of opportunity and growth.

Times of transformation require new ways of thinking and leading. More than ever, organizations need dynamic strategic leaders who are able to navigate unchartered waters, recognize market patterns earlier and better than competitors, conceive new business models, and capture emerging growth opportunities on a sustainable basis.

This webinar will equip senior business leaders with the mindsets and capabilities needed to navigate the new market landscape and lead the business with a longer-term, strategic perspective. It will feature an integrative blend of engaging research and case examples, insightful strategic dialogue, and practical frameworks for becoming a strategic leader and putting these ideas into action.

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  • What are the defining features of the new market landscape? What are the implications for your organization? What new ways of thinking and leading are needed?

  • What is strategic leadership? How is strategic leadership different from “management,” and other forms of leadership?

  • Why do organizations need strategic leaders? Why is strategic leadership a critical organizational capability and source of competitive advantage?

  • What are the various dimensions, mindsets, and capabilities of strategic leaders? What do strategic leaders "do?"

  • How can I become a strategic leader and build the strategic mindset and muscle of my team and organization?

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