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How To Leverage Market Intent Triggers To Win Dream Clients

Peter O'Donoghue

What little know strategies do the world’s best customer centric organizations use to become the preeminent and only logical service provider to their dream clients?

In this fast paced webinar you will find out how the best sales organisations in the world are utilising ‘Market Intent Triggers’ to create almost endless opportunities with their highest value Ideal Clients.

If you’ve ever lost business because you just felt that your client had been influenced by someone else long before you were invited to present then this fascinating webinar will explain why.

If you’ve ever lost proposals and contract opportunities because you felt someone else had ‘got their foot in the door first’ then this webinar will explain why – and show you how to stop it happening again.

If you’ve ever felt like you were competing in a crowded ‘red ocean’ and wanted to create a ‘blue ocean’ Sales and Marketing strategy then you’ll be shown exactly how and why you can implement this in your organisation.

This webinar will introduce you to the concept of ‘Market Intent Triggers’ and how you can use them to create an endless supply of your ideal clients who have the highest revenue, are the easiest to win and who refer you the most business.

Within a few days of attending the webinar you can be targeting the hardest to reach businesses with such a powerful approach that they will be asking how quickly you can get to talk to them about working with them.

  • You’ll discover how to quickly create a ‘Blue Ocean’ sales and marketing strategy to approach the 80% of the market that your competitors aren’t even aware exist

  • You’ll identify which ‘Market Intent Triggers’ you can use to identify and then use as the reason to approach to your Ideal Clients

  • How to get invited into the hardest to reach Ideal Clients Boardrooms as a trusted advisor, preeminent expert and only logical choice to help them solve their business challenges.

  • Which first contact strategy gets a 5 times greater success than 2nd placed approach to  ‘get your foot in the door’ with senior executives. Hint – it’s not social media or cold calling.

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